What Customers Say

Chris did a wonderful job on my white/beige carpet. I have two small dogs & one of them has random accidents — every spot is gone on the carpet & my carpet looks like brand new!!! Chris worked diligently getting all the spots out & cleaning my carpet. (E-mail)

–– K.H., Elkhorn

Thank you again, very much, for the work you did. My wife was very, very impressed and I am too. Very good care and very good product and work. (Phone Message)

–– K.N., Bellevue

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Every time I think about replacing my carpet, I call you and you make it look like new! (Statement)

–– S.Q., Papillion

Whether we need one spot or a whole carpet cleaned, you do a great job! You made our dining room carpet, which we thought of replacing, look like new! (Hand-written note)

–– C.A., Omaha

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Chris Bair is the guy I call any time carpet problems arise at home or on the job during my rental property renovation projects. My neighbors recently called asking for a referral when a water heater flooded their basement family room. Of course I sent Chris, and they were thrilled with how fast he restored their water-soaked carpet! But my wife’s favorite “Chris Story” is when she knocked a full gallon of bright yellow paint off the top of a six-foot ladder, falling upside down on the living room carpet. Chris dropped what he was doing and came to our rescue. When he was finished, there was no trace of the latex mishap! (Solicited statement from satisfied customer)

–– Bob Wilson,
    Wilson Construction Solutions
    Papillion, NE



I was just sick when my coffee missed the pot and brewed all over my white carpet. I called Chris’ Carpet Care and Chris got it all out the next day. (Statement from satisfied customer)

–– W.H., Omaha

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