The Rotovac Difference

Chris of is an IICRC carpet technician who uses a portable extraction unit with a Rotovac power wand, providing you the best quality service possible to clean your carpet. The comparisons below will help you be aware of the different cleaning systems available and answer some of the questions you may have.

  The Rotovac Difference  


Rotovac wand


Rotovac wand
Which would you choose, 1500 passes or 6 passes?

The Rotovac Carpet Restoration System passes around each carpet fiber 1500 revolutions per minute, cleaning the whole carpet.

The Rotovac has no brushes!

The Rotovac lifts and renews carpet pile and leaves your carpet cleaner, and looking and feeling good, over a longer period of time. Don’t settle for simple wand cleaning!
 Portable System vs. Truck Mounted System 
The power in a portable system is more than adequate to clean any carpet. The cleaner who is willing to spend time to properly inspect and care for your carpet will far outweigh the power of a truck mounted system. Bigger is not always better — many companies have big, fancy equipment, but many employees do not know how to use it, or make the best selection of chemicals or detergents for your carpet cleaning need. The best cleaning companies are those whose technicians are IICRC certified.
 Rotovac Cleaning vs. Wand Cleaning 
The Rotovac agitates your carpet from all directions with 1500 mechanized cleaning passes per minute. The unique dome shape of the cleaning heads produces a steam chamber that deeply flushes the carpet clean, giving your carpet a deep cleaning to make it look, feel and stay cleaner longer. A wand cleaning relies on the limited strength and stamina of the operator and only cleans from two directions (back and forth).
 Hot Water Extraction (Steam Cleaning) 
 vs. Dry Chemical Process 
Hot water extraction is much better for the life of your carpet, highly recommended by carpet manufacturers and will not void carpet warranties. Dry chemicals will build up on your carpet over a period of time, eventually needing extraction.

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