Processes and Procedures


pre-inspects your carpet to ensure that your carpet is cleaned correctly and professionally according to industry standards. One cleaner is not appropriate for all carpets.

will test your carpet’s pH and show you where it is and where it needs to be.

will test the fiber of your carpet to see what type of fiber is in your carpet so we can apply the proper detergents. We also look at the carpet backing to check for natural and synthetic fibers. By doing this we ensure proper cleaning methods.

does not charge by the room, rather we charge by square foot. We work according to your request. We will clean the whole room and move furniture and replace it, or we will clean the traffic areas only - the choice is yours.

We will not move china and curio cabinets, armoires, entertainment centers, large dressers or beds. All rooms must be ready for cleaning prior to our arrival.

For specialty stains like urine, vomit and bodily fluids we will inspect the entire room with an ultraviolet light so that we locate identify and remove all stains and their odors. The cleaning rate per sq. ft. will depend upon the cleaning option you choose.

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