Cleaning Tips

Stain Removal / Spot Cleaning

Spot Identification

Spot identification and stain removal is not rocket science. It is an exact science with common sense procedures. Most spots can be removed with proper identification.

Generic, general all-purpose, over-the-counter cleaners are advertised as all purpose spot removal cleaning agents. They will remove and/or mask the majority of stains and odors, but in many cases these cleaners set the stains in the carpet fibers, making it virtually impossible for total removal, which causes irreparable damage to your carpet or upholstery.

During pre-inspection of your carpet or upholstery, together we will identify spots and stains and give you a reasonable expectation of what the final result will be. Additionally, we will give you an estimate to clean any spots or stains that will require extra attention beyond normal cleaning procedures.

General Stains

Common sense says, “if you spill something, you need to wipe it up.” However, wiping up the stain with a wet rag and a scrubbing motion can drive the stain further into the carpet fibers, spread the stain and cause permanent damage to your carpet. Furthermore, remaining residue from your spill can and will trap dust, dirt and other particles and produce a dark spot which will not readily come out with simple blotting action.

The best way to pick up a spill is to blot it (applied pressure) with a clean dry cloth. If the stain remains after blotting, repeat the process until there is no transfer of stain to the dry towel. Then apply appropriate cleaning detergents and restore your carpet to its original condition. All purpose cleaners sold in stores can have adverse side effects. Consult your professional carpet and upholstery technician for appropriate cleaners.

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